Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week to END....

Theres always something going on with the Lifers Crew.  This week has been a slow yet steady pace for us all.  Here are a few pics of the things that went down with us and a bit of explanation.  Anyhow peep:

--L I F E R S  C A R T E L-- 

-Heres a photo shoot w/homie JEDI and his black death box.  The bumpers look heat!  He'll probably say his wheels but, whatever.....

Heres another great shot!

-Homie WAR  gettin his over the weekend, this dude is on fire!  

 -GEW or NUGGETS gettin buck with his steelo.  This guys is always comin correct and clean! Bangin!

-QBA gettin down in Colorado Springs with homies PAES164, DRASTIK and FOCUS at the "American Tattoo Hustle" shop.  Trying a new yet old alias "GUNS" or GUNSER or GUNR or GUNZ or.... well you get the picture.  Old alias from mid 90's to take me out of my usual and pushin to something new, better what have you.  It was good to break out.  Great time to paint on brick again to boot!  One the boys wrap up I'll get a good gonnector up.

-Our new family members SKADR and NOIDR get busy on a quickie in the Chuco Town!  Rep that LC set homies, makin us proud!


Homies again in El Paso repin hard!  Inside the shop BODEGAS on the East side.  SKADR, brother BRAVEY and NOIDR gettin buck!  Break Yo'Self foo!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interesting Read on Letters....

This is from homie EWOK5MH, I have had some similar conversations w/fam across the states the past few months.  Its just ironic that apparenetly the same ideas or convo's have been taking place elsewhere w/alot of other folks....  Its time to focus on basics I suppose....

EWOK5MH Quote:
So to counter the recent wave of lack luster pieces I notice all over the web(world) I wanted to talk about this trend of "lazy lettering"... We can all agree times change and if you can't keep up with things, that should be your cue to hang it up and enjoy the show from the side lines. With that idea already in mind I think the opposite should be said that if you're new(or newish) and your Graffiti (core lettering ) is becoming less and less structured( HANDICAP BASIC) or lacking flavor all together, and your whole day is focused on rendering out that photoshop technique and trying to make a letter look like real water or whatever other element you're trying to harness that day, then in my opinion you're too far on one side of the scale.  Extreme mechanical painting technique and not enough to claim "style".  You will forever in my eyes be a spray paint artist, to claim graffiti you MUST know the building blocks of lettering and it's importance.
What's going on today is a lot of cliche' smoke and mirror bullshit.   The "don't look here, look over there in amazement" and forget the important stuff wow factor. I see through all the bullshit immediately like the guy in Matrix movie  -"Blond, Brunette, Redhead"
Over the years Ive been known to voice an opinion here or there on things I felt where important enough to break a silence on.  Sometimes my points are well received, other times manipulated by jocks, and more often than not completely misunderstood altogether. Which leads me to spoon feeding what I type publicly. Wack huh?   This will always be the risk you take when attempting to address any audience of mixed intelligence, some know exactly what your points are,  some will act like they get it( don't at all) and some want to just disagree out of  jealousy or a false sense of entitlement on any given topic not even spoken on until I brought it to light.    Sadly these reactions aren't just to me, these negative responses have in the past and still now silenced legends of the game from speaking on certain subjects because when they've taken the time to try to drop science, it goes over peoples heads or gets misinterpreted. I can see how that can be discouraging, when you've spent your life doing something you love to have a newby come along and do a "piece" that's so unbearably wack with each separate letter showcasing ever color of a brand's paint pallet or every letter having its own special effects application over it.  We are actually in times where you can see something a guy spent 4 days doing, and there is NO LETTERS in it what so ever! This is what times have actually come to, where this kind of lazy lettering is applauded, bumped, bitten, fake screen name promoted and retwitted... Even to the point where people I used to look up to or held in amazing respects are now finding sanctuary amongst herds of these lazy spray paint artists, and the wackness has transformed their own work into half assed end results.   Clearly this yes man syndrome has got people feeling ok about executing life like rendered bullshit.  Lettering is no longer the focus to practice at, now any artist willing to spend a $100 on imported paint can have an almost overnight sense of accomplishment and recognition from a sea of other like minded short comers.    125 colors on one piece, fire effects, water effects, obnoxious overpowering and distracting back lit glow of every spectrum,  the use of stenciling shapes etc etc etc... any tool or effect is being tried out to distract the viewer from the lack of lettering underneath, is what seems to be the main goal today, depending on what school of thought you come from. All these "new" things where refreshing when it popped up on the scene but the luster of it all has turned into just bad taste and execution and in my opinion no longer has any value in the progression of Graffiti. The bullshit has peaked and is now in a downward spiral leaving the biters starving for the next flavor of the month writer to jock and copy.....
So with my points being made, we're ( mostly) all adults and far be it for me to even attempt to tell another adult how to conduct themselves or even tell them how their supposed to write on a wall with a can of spray paint.... but I felt it was time to speak up on a topic that I felt is being ignored more openly these days.  I think the biggest injustice happening is people who are super talented putting out garbage, when they should be refocusing, reinventing and living up to their own potential legacy, and most importantly breaking through walls, boundaries and surprising themselves with every piece they do.  the object was never about lowering your bar to the rest of the standard,  I've always tried to raise the bar, sparing no ones feelings.
Stop being fuckin' lazy,  stop biting off others and stop all the bullshit special effects, unless your core letter structure allows it in a balanced manner.
Bring the fuckin' heat! That doesn't mean go do a piece that's all fire, 'cuz Totem already burned you with that... and he's the kind of  balance I'm referring to, 50% LETTERS 50% technique,  100% BALANCE.
You're only as good as your last piece. Get your shit together."

Interesting, now please discuss.  

*Stay posted, new updates and we have new artists that we welcomed this past week.  I think one thing is good to remember.  Quality over quanity.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coming soon.....

Join us back here in a week or so for a one on one sit down interview with LCs newest member the mean time check back for fly ass updates

Random pics



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CENS Interview

Heres a recent interview w/fellow crew mate CENS.  A great dude and ever growing artist.  
1.  What crews do you represent?
The active ones:
Letter Cartel, Rebels Til Death, Laws, BooYah, I.Giant
2.  When did you start writing and when did you get serious about it?
Well I guess I started in 98-blackbooks, wack tags, toy status
Paint my first piece in 99 behind a Valero in the day time [not really making the connection, like ‘hey this is illegal’, I finished but ended up getting chased out] til about 02 i was all about it (but I wasn’t very good at all)
… then ran into some legal stuff with it, and slowly stepped away, I was still
doing little shit, but nothing like recently.. in 06 my homie des(kosk) hooked it up with a wall and i caught the fever again.. and been here since
3.  Whom are your influences, regardless of medium?
I would have to say DAIM, Loomit, Ces were some of my biggest influences when I very first started along with the rest of FX and TATS, also ATT and DF. (its crazy to be affiliated with some of those writers now)
Locally, in the 2000s Laws and RTDs were definitely a big influence on me, and still are.
As of recently, Im influenced by a lot of people.. all the ‘main stream’ writers that everyone knows and even some lesser known cats from over seas,who, in my opinion really crush whats going on in the states [concept/technique-wise], but I think the states still hold the crown for style and  fills.
Outside of graffiti, im influenced by labels you see on products at the grocery store, or buildings when driving around....  Just anything and everything I try to put into the context of graffiti....  even music…. and how I’m feeling at the time influences me and my piece.

 4.  What have you been listening to lately?
Well it is raining right now, so I guess a lot of thunder and lighting.... and rain....
5.  Whats your biggest dislike about the graff game today?
there are a few, I could go on and on.. but I’ll keep it short….
Writers not respecting what came before them, or not taking the time to research.... it’s dope to go out and crush and know you’re doing the damn thing..(legal or not).. but really, its ALL been done before you even knew what graffiti was…. I say humble down and learn something and this even pertains to, I guess my ‘generation’ of writers.. even though we are pushing the limits of, lets say the people who were wrecking shit from the late 80s/early 90s til today, without their pioneering, we wouldn’t be able to push things as far as they are…. And even if they have gotten content of being masters of their style (I think it’s more of a mentality shift of staying true to your one style/moniker, to constant evolution nowadays) we should still show them respect for laying the ground work for us.  And at the same time, it’s just paint, and we are all just people…
6.  Do you have a preference of paint or tip? or even a favorite paint/tip combo?
Ive used a lot of the paint out there… ironlak, mtn:hardcode/94, sabotaz, kobra, beat, allcity, rusto, krylon, 1$paint, I would have to say my fav paint is still Montana Cans Blackline (I used to love the old gold line, but they discontinued it =(   )  Tips would have to be beige dots, ny fats, blue dots and skinny pros…  
7.  Favorite genre of movie?
Too many… but for a dope scifi flick, I will go to the movie theater. Everything else, ill wait for it to pop up on tv.
8.  Take a second to shed light on who influenced you to start painting in the first place.
That’s funny, because that is all Dmise’s fault… I had him in a class in school, and he wrote ‘decent’ back then..
And was a b-boy (lol)… but ya I seen his sketch book and it was over….. I remember trying to do a piece on my desk in pencil....  And he came and capped me out with a  meanstreak.. asshole status =)
9.  Any hobbies?
This takes up the rest of my free time when work/life time is over.
10.  Ever eat any crazy foods, if so what?
I dunno if oysters are a crazy food.. but its like an oceany salty loogie, and I think at one time as a child ive had balut, its from the philippines… duck fetus….. yah….lol
11.  And what was it like?
Look up.
12.  On the weekends do you typically stay in and do the old man thing, or party like a rock star?
Used to party rock a lot in Sa and atx… but that gave way to more pressing matters, but I still have some party rock left in me....  Just like to space it out, so It’s like a ‘to do’…… from my personal experiences… partying all the time makes you lazy, fat and broke and probably isn’t good for your brain or health lol

I think ive heard crazier chase stories than i can tell my self..
but ive had a few close calls.... and some stuff just straight up stupid, not giving a fuck....
once got chased by the ghetto bird, but ended up going back to finish...
once paying a bum to watch my back...
once had a roof crumble underneath me and my food fell though, and i racked my self .... it hurt.
once got followed out of a busines area by, what i assume to be an undercover, because that guy followed me all the way to an open road, then tried to race me...
i can only assume to pull me over for speeding and search my shit... that was definately a weird situation..
Gew! Whos been my constant homie and freind since I’ve been back on it… Supher, for being an asshole of a mentor and big homie.
FreeDuo, Shewp, Oarski, Enks for helping me progress through the years.....
Spikoli, Frenchy, theMACHINE!.. ..
All the Letras fam, RTDs, Laws and the El Paso homies!!...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

NEW! Letras Crue production in Austin!

Over the past few days some of the fam has been crushin it in a major way in Austin.  Austin is also the heart of our family.  The roots of this family are extremely diverse in several different ways.

Enough of the rambling, heres the new prodo that went down.  The killers involved are the following:  Spikoli, Paz, Lern, Gew, Lucas to name the core.....  During this time we also had a new participant and we have a great announcement.....we welcome WAR to the LC family!

Heres a few photos....


WAR action.....

GEW, this guys secret love is nuggets.  Just ask him :)


The newest member to the crew WAR..... Dope set and welcome.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The begining....

Stay tuned for a grip of great updates and awesome reviews and interviews of heavy hitters!